A Video Ad Attention Index by Nielsen and AOL

Thu 11 December 2014

VentureBeat write about a new piece of research Nielsen and AOL have released on how attention plays into the consumption of TV and online video and how that relates to ad effectiveness.

(This is a topic that is close to us at YuMe, in fact, we've done a bunch of research with IPG on it.)

The results are mostly obvious – we all play with our mobile devices while we watch TV and as a result pay less attention to the ads – but there are interesting and specific numerics. The recommendations, however, are pretty depressing:

  1. Run more impressions of the same ad (as high as 80% more).
  2. Use audio cues in television ads to wrest our attention from our mobile device.

These are logical, I guess, but are only going to make the problem worse. Nobody wants the TV to start shouting at them. Repeatedly.

More data is available at AOL's site.

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