Alex Honnold on Living on El Capitan

Mon 12 January 2015

Alex Honnold, in a Q&A with Men's Journal about the Dawn Wall climb that Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are close to sending, on what's it's like to live on wall for many days:

I've been on [El Capitan] for four or five days trying to free routes but I've never been on the wall for two weeks. That's kind of like a different level. What people maybe don't appreciate is how hard it is to be living on a wall. I mean they haven't walked in two weeks. They've just been laying and standing and pulling really, really hard on small holds. So the fact that they've had to recover and stay well-fed and hydrated and take care of their bodies while just like laying in a cot. Imagine getting out of your hospital bed and doing like the hardest rock climbing that's ever been done and then getting back on your hospital bed. Like, 'oh, now it's time to recover.' It's not like taking a shower and stretching and taking a stroll for a little a bit. It's hard living.

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